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From connected experiences to commerce platforms, andcompany provides clients with the tools and technologies that create value, build relationships, and grow revenue.
We take a holistic approach, and adapt to a variety of needs and goals across industries. Our teams are continuously innovating, so our customers truly get ahead.
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For professionals we offer a range of career options in our four locations. We are proud to offer highly flexible career paths, with remote work and other family friendly perks.

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The growing andcompany network is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to join and continue our journey together.
Feel free to start a confidential conversation with us. We are backed by one of the best multi-family offices in Munich and love to take up the challenge to speak with you about your company.

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For students and apprentices we offer both dual work/study programs as well as a range or working student and Master's Thesis options. Don't be shy and talk to us about your career.

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Within the andcompany framework, many opportunities exist. If you have an idea that sounds like it could work within our ideals, don't be shy to speak with us!

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